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Our Current Disaster Responses

Our Current Responses

Fiona Boshoff, Director of Integral, says “There are many situations around the world which do not reach our news headlines, or are in areas in which it is very difficult to respond. By sharing information about emergencies, we as Integral can see what opportunities there may be to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and those most affected by these conflicts.”

Our Members are always responding to disaster situations around the world.  Click on the links below to find out more about some of our recent responses:

   2017-10-24_south_asia_floods_alert_landscape_thumbnail.jpeg  2017-10-24_rohinga_alert_landscape_updated_thumbnail.jpeg  Uganda_3_mths_thumbnail.jpeg  haiti_thumbnail_6_mth.jpeg  yemen_jpg_thumbnail.jpeg
  South Asia Floods Rakhine Refugee Crisis North Uganda Refugee Crisis Haiti - Hurricane Matthew Yemen Humanitarian Crisis
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    Click here for a slideshow of
photos from the Crisis
Click here for a slideshow of
photos from the crisis


Take a look at the summaries for some of our previous responses